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Last week I took a dump of my subversion server. This week I mistakenly continued to commit on my old repository. Now I started to take an incremental dump from revision no 6713 to latest one.

svnadmin dump --incremental -r 6713:6720 /path/to/repository > rev6713.svn_dump

When I load it to new repository, I realised that I've already had the revision 6713 on my new repository. Therefore it automatically increased revision number one more when it loaded. Now whenever I try to update on my local computer by TortoiseSVN, it displays the comment of one revision earlier. Example:

Revision 6719 no comment
Revision 6720 yes comment

It displays me on TortoiseSVN with Revision no: 6720 'no comment'. So how can I solve this problem?

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Might be worth just doing a fresh check-out of the tree. –  Nick Apr 11 '12 at 16:23
I did a fresh check-out, didn't change anything. –  zekifh Apr 11 '12 at 16:31

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Finally, I decide to take a clean dump of subversion server. But this error occured even with new dump. After a long search, I found that the error was because of cache of tortoiseSVN, Therefore I cleaned the cache of tortoiseSVN:

=> Right click on Folder - TortoiseSVN - Settings - Saved Data - Clear 

Now, it works fine.

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