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Good morning!

We have a SVN-Repository, which holds a VS-Solution. In this solution are many web-projects and each of them is using a JavaScript-Lib which is atm developed in an extra project (let's call it DemoWeb) and deployed manually to the other Web-Projects.
This construct has many disadvantages:

  1. You can forget a project to copy to when deploying.
  2. You can miss some files out
  3. You have the same .js-files several times in the SVN-Repository
  4. ...

I think that the scenario (many Projects using the same Libs - eg. JavaScript, .dll-files, Images, ...) is very common, so I ask you:
How do you deal with it?
How do you get rid of this disadvantages?
How do you don't loose the references for IntelliSense in VS (eg. CssClass-Checking)?

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  • Automated builds for building/deployment
  • for intellisense: VS have something called 'add as link' so you can have your js in one place and referense it from all projects : click project->add->existing item, find your files and take a look at 'add' btn, there is a little arrow at the right, use it and choose 'add as link'
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Automate your build and/or deployment routines. Look into continuous integration. Deploying your application should take one step. (a click on a link, execution of a script, etc...) Anything more than that and you are asking to screw up.

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Thank you for your answer! But: We would loose the IntelliSense-Features for CssClass-Checking... –  Andreas Niedermair Jun 18 '09 at 6:05

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