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I've got paragraphs of plain text with specific words hilited. the hilited words are meant to be draggable. when dragging is started, i want the div that hilites the word (#hilite) to expand top and bottom extents (vertically only), in a higher z-order, and allow the word (#word) to be dragged up and down in that space (container: parent). The plans is at some point have it dropped on a droppable within the area.

at this point, my problem is that i expand #hilite with padding... which increases the size of the div without increasing usable space. Would using Resizable be better? or Animate? I've seen a number of recommendations for using Resizable, but i thought it was for user resizing not programmatic.

for the droppables, i figure that once the space is created i'll swap out .css('display', '[none|block]') to show them inside the #hilite div and make them valid targets. for what i have atm.

(oh btw, i hate the people came up with jsfiddle. it's simply too genius.)

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I don't exactly know what you want to do, but if you have #word draggable with a containment of parent, which is #hilite, nothing moves. and 'vertically' isn't a proper parameter for draggable, instead use 'x' or 'y'.

Updated JSFiddle:

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Your container is a span, which is by default an inline element, it cannot show block properites. You have to tell it behave as block

#hilite { display: inline-block; }


And the options you gave vertically is false, give Y. Read Here

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