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Joomla 1.6 showing blue error message front end "you must login first". Should not be showing. Site just went live 2 days ago, and yesterday this error started showing up. Seems like a permissions issue, but everything looks fine. Is there a way to hide the error?

  • How would I go about problem solving this error, to see why it is happening?

Click on a few pages, and you will see the error.

  • Does not appear when user is logged in.
  • Is only happening on 1 compenent

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Voted to close as off-topic (this is not a programming question). Please support the Joomla proposal on area51 if you'd like a dedicated Joomla equivalent of StackOverflow. – Bobby Jack Apr 12 '12 at 12:09

I see it happening on all page, click any link twice.

I think this can be related to some bad extension (module or plugin) that uses enqueMessage.

Search for you must login first (odd english, will be easy to find). If you find it in language file, search again for that language key.

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