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Plone's base setup profile -- in Products.CMFPlone.setuphandlers.setupPortalContent() -- queries for a registered view named 'plone-frontpage-setup' to obtain body text for the front-page populated into a new site.

An add-on site policy product package could register a view (with, unfortunately, no layer interface constraining it) to override the default -- however, this would be applicable to all new sites created in an instance.

Is there a pluggable way to use GenericSetup extension profiles to install new front-page content on add-on installation, or does this require a DIY setup handler / import-step?

Reading the source for the base setupPortalContent(), it seems that this was set up for ease of out-of-the-box i18n, but not (yet) for pluggable extension by add-ons?

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Have you tried content generation using Generic Setup?

The following example should reset the content generated by setupPortalContent():

  1. Add folder named structure under your site policy product's default profile folder (e.g. src/my.site.policy/my/site/policy/profiles/default/structure/).

  2. Under that folder, add a new file named .delete with content

  3. Under the same folder, add a new file named .objects with content

  4. Still under the same folder, add a new file named front-page with content

    id: front-page
    title: Foo
    description: Bar
    Content-Type: text/html
    <p>Hello World!</p>

The new Plone site created with this policy should contain only the front-page described above. (Note that the new front-page has the initial state of its default workflow, which is private by default.)

The easiest way to experiment with content generation further, I think, is to just create something, export Content-step from portal_setup and examine the results. Also the Generic Setup Quick Reference by Six Feet Up gives an overview for content generation support in Generic Setup.

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