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I am implementing the operation of encoding video with TI DM365 mpeg4 encoder and containerizing it with ffmpeg mp4 container using a dummy FMP4 codec to produce headers and footers. While the container is proven to be working correctly using similar Intel based mpeg4 encoder, the dm365 gives a mosaic result if P frames are used at all. Using only I frames works, but I would like to minimize amount of data stored.

The example of the result can be viewed here. Settings are 1-Iframe, 9-Pframes

TI developers didn't answer my question regarding this in 2 days, so I am trying to get help here.

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Pro-tip : TI dev rarely answer questions – Eric May 2 '12 at 21:01

This may help, a TI data sheet on the various settings/parameters and their effect. Apologies if it is telling you stuff you already know... TI Data Sheet spraba9.pdf

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