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I am very new to Vbscript, however its one of the only tools available to me at my current employment. We have a web based system that I am trying to interact with. The web page reloads frequently. Such as choosing a drop down box the page will hang for a moment while it reloads the page. My script currently pauses for a few seconds between each command, but sometimes does not wait long enough. I was wondering if I could create an IE object from the existing window and check its busy status. So when its done processing I could move on to the next command.

I have already tried: Set IE = GetObject(, "internetexplorer.application") however it gives me an error that: ActiveX component can't create object 'GetObject'

I have spend a great deal of time searching google and a few other places to see if there is a simple alternative but have found none. this is going to be an HTA application.

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I forgot to mention, it is IE7 windows XP. –  Bazooka_Duke Apr 11 '12 at 17:24
tried to do such things in vbscript and HTA in the past, will never be reliable. Now i use ruby, easily to install also on windows and is a dream to work with, especially in combination with the web –  peter Apr 12 '12 at 0:31
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Rather than try to use GetObject to latch on to existing instance you can use the code at this link reusing Internet Explorer COM Automation Object

But instead I think you should you an approach like below which checks for the ReadyState of the automated ie object being ready

Dim ieObject
Set ieObject = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
ieObject.Navigate "www.google.com"
Do While ieObject.readystate <> 4
WScript.Sleep 100
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