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The answers to these two questions are very close to answering my own, but they don't quite get there.

Now that I know SqlConnection has more states than just open and closed, I wonder if I need to do this when closing a connection that isn't inside a using statement:

switch (_transactionConnection.State)
    case ConnectionState.Broken: /*??*/ ; break;
    case ConnectionState.Closed: ; break;
    case ConnectionState.Connecting: /*??*/ ; break;
    case ConnectionState.Executing: /*??*/ ; break;
    case ConnectionState.Fetching: /*??*/ ; break;
    default: _transactionConnection.Close(); break;                         

SqlConnection _transactionConnection is not inside a using statement because I need to Start, Commit and Rollback a transaction from outside this class. This class implements IDisposable and the switch statement lives in Dispose(bool disposing)

MSDN says that states other than open and closed are for future versions of the product, but @Charlie says reflector shows the other states are in use.

Can anyone tell me what should replace the /*??*/? (I expect that my final switch statement will handle the Open and Closed cases explicitly and if /*??*/ is the same for the other states, that would be my default case.)

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Since you're implementing this in Dispose(), I think I would simply call _transactionConnection.Dispose(); and let the SqlConnection class do whatever it feels is appropriate. I would avoid calling Close() here, because while it's true that currently SqlConnection.Dispose basically just closes it, that may change in the future.

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Would this answer change if my code wasn't inside Dispose()? – mafue Apr 11 '12 at 18:19
If this code wasn't inside Dispose, then ... it's hard to say; I would want review the way you're using these components, because without more information about your requirements I would suspect you were on the wrong track, implementation-wise. – overslacked Apr 11 '12 at 18:28
Fair enough. I'm happy with Dispose in this scenario. And since using calls Dispose anyway, that must be how SqlConnections are closed when people open them in the preferred way. – mafue Apr 11 '12 at 19:17

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