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How can i start develop software for encrypting data?

I mean, where i begin, what to read first?

I have some experience in c++ and Java.

I really want to study this (encryption). My primary goal is to completly secure a web application and later, a web server. I realize that are solutions for this, but i want to write my own software.

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Do ahead and read books on encryption and security (they are not the same thing), and do go ahead and implement your own stuff, but don't use it in production. –  Marcin Apr 12 '12 at 10:34

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If the goal is really to write a secure web-application, you should always use an off-the-shelf encryption library (there are plenty of free ones, such as OpenSSL or BouncyCastle). Writing secure software is ridiculously painfully hard enough as it is, even without worrying about rolling out your own encryption library.

You are best off leaving the cryptography to the cryptographers (and if that's what interests you - take a cryptography class!)

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Indeed. Rafa, you must always assume that hackers have way more time, allies, compiled expertise and other resources than you do, and upon spotting a custom encryption algorithm, will be more intrigued and motivated to crack it than if it were a known good algorithm. –  djdanlib Apr 11 '12 at 17:59

You should not start at this site: you should start understanding web security, then cryptography. There are plenty of good books on the topic. Only then should you be allowed to even touch any API.

The way I learned was a bit different: I simply sat next to security experts and got assignments. Now I am in the habit of correcting them (after extensive self-study, reading security papers online).

Almost all of the questions asked here that include code have some kind of vulnerability in them. Be smart and don't follow the same route.

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