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I'm using the following CSS to border a <tr> entirely.

<style type="text/css"> td { border-top: thin solid black; }
    tr.bottom td { border-bottom: thin solid black; }
    tr.row td:first-child { border-left: thin solid black; }
    tr.row td:last-child { border-right: thin solid black; }

It works perfectly in Mozilla Firefox but in Internet Explorer, it doesn't border the last right <td> as shown in the following snap shots.

In Firefox, it displays the following table.

enter image description here

In Internet Explorer(8) however, it displays the table as follows.

enter image description here

Means that in the above CSS, this CSS class tr.row td:last-child { border-right: thin solid black; } doesn't work in IE. What is the solution to this? I'm using IE 8.

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IE 8 doesn't support the :last-child pseudo class (CSS 3), but it does support :first-child (CSS 2.1)

CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer

You'll need a different selector for the last cell such as a custom class name.

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+1, and a further reference from last-child compatibility, at – David Thomas Apr 11 '12 at 17:57
Done with a custom CSS class as you say. – Bhavesh Apr 11 '12 at 18:02

btw, what if you declare the border out of the css file, but instead after style, within the TD tag? I was told that IE8 has some bugs with border rendering. Post it here, and see if it works.

another doubt, why don't you use 1px instead of thin!?

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