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I am trying to genrate complex list of items using ListView. For every item i must create something like this

    .... Dynamic count of <li>
  <span>Some dynamic text</span>
  .. bunch of other dynamicly generated html

My question is what is better way to generate the html.By using string concatenation like this

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

Or by using HtmlGenericControl like this:

   HtmlGenericControl htmlItem = new HtmlGenericControl( "div" );

   using( TextWriter textWriter = new StringWriter( ) )
        using( HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter( textWriter ) )
            HtmlGenericControl htmlItem = null;

            CreateMenuItem( menuItem, 0, null );

            htmlItem.RenderControl( htmlWriter );

            return textWriter.ToString( );
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string.Format, or StringBuilder.AppendFormat are often useful here, such as when you have a span with dynamic text, you can just have sb.AppendFormat("<span>{0}</span>", getSpanContent());' It makes mostly-static XML much more readable in code. If it's multi-line you can also use @""` for a multi=line string of HTML with lots of {} insertions for data. – Servy Apr 11 '12 at 18:11

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I prefer this way because this gives me much more Readability. Looking at this , i can easily imagine, How my output will look like.

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
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HtmlTextWriter is good because:

  1. HtmlTextWriter is the cleanest and the mark-up is nicely indented when it is rendered. There is a performance impact as HtmlTextWriter writes directly to the output stream.
  2. HtmlTextWriter supports encoding HTML automatically

Stringbuilder doesn't write to the output stream until ToString is called on it.

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