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I am using gwt 2.4 over eclipse (OS ubuntu 11.10). I have to use the google maps library for gwt. I tried to use this library with gwt 2.4 but there is a few incompatibilities. After a quick research i concluded to install gwt 2.1. But when i tried to install it from the "install new software" of eclipse and give the link that i found here is trying to reinstall the gwt v 2.4. Any ideas?? I just want the repository location of the gwt 2.1 for eclipse 3.7.

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This wouldn't happen to be the gwt-maps-v3 library would it? If so, I compiled a version that is compatible with GWT 2.4. As it stands, the downloadable jar is only compatible with <= 2.2. Let me know. –  Travis Webb Apr 12 '12 at 0:54

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You have to download the GWT SDK (as a zip file), unpack it and then point Eclipse at it. Look at the Google preferences in Eclipse to "add a new SDK".

See also http://code.google.com/p/google-web-toolkit/issues/detail?id=6204

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