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Lets say I have the following:

public interface IFoo
  void Foo();

public interface IBar
  void Bar();

public class FooAndBar : IFoo, IBar
  //valid implementation

Now I have a class that takes in an IFoo and an IBar in the constructor, but has a paramter-less constructor as well.

public class Consumer
  private IFoo foo;
  private IBar bar;
  public Consumer(IFoo foo, IBar bar)
     this.foo = foo;
     this.bar = bar;

  public Consumer() : this(new FooAndBar(), new FooAndBar()) {}

I want to maintain the relationship between the paramter-less constructor calling the parameterized version. But I would like to pass in one referenced object rather than 'new'ing up two FooAndBar instances. Is there anyway to do this while still maintaining the relationship between the constructors?

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You can create an interim private constructor that takes a FooAndBar as a parameter:

private Consumer(FooAndBar fooAndBar) : this(fooAndBar, fooAndBar) {}

public Consumer() : this(new FooAndBar()) {}
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Very clever. Thanks. –  Shlomo Apr 11 '12 at 18:32

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