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I have the following if statements that gather up all the days that were selected before it becomes displayed.

$daysUsed = "";

    $daysUsed .= "Su ";

    $daysUsed .=  "M ";

    $daysUsed .=  "T ";

    $daysUsed .=  "W ";

    $daysUsed .=  "Th ";

    $daysUsed .=  "F ";

    $daysUsed .=  "Sa ";

if($daysUsed !=="") {
    echo "</span><br/>Days of the Week: <span class='BoxReviewOutput'>";
    echo $daysUsed;

My question here is how can I make this so that commas will be displayed for each day of the week that was chosen in the session except for the last one.

For example: Sunday and Tuesday were chosen. So it would be displayed "Su, T"

Thanks in advance!

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In your ifs add a commma:

$daysUsed = "Whatever, ";

Then before you output the final string:

$daysUsed = substr($daysUsed, 0, -2);

EDIT: -1 needs to be -2, to account for the spacing between days.

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In your example it would nee to be -2 as you have a space in the string too. – Ash Burlaczenko Apr 11 '12 at 18:19
@AshBurlaczenko: I realized that, and updated it just before you commented :) – Josh Apr 11 '12 at 18:20
Thank you for the quick response. the substr worked! Will accept answer in 6 minutes. – Nina Apr 11 '12 at 18:20
@Josh thanks - it was a -2 when I changed it on my end. :) Thank you for updating your answer – Nina Apr 11 '12 at 19:52

Use implode()

$days = array("Su", "M", ....., "Sa");
echo implode(",", $days);
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i'd use an array and implode it but in your case i'd need to use this

echo substr($daysUsed,0,-1)

in this case I remove the last character from the string

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$daysUsed = trim( $daysUsed, "," );

trim() is by far the better option - minimal function, does what you want for your intended purpose.

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