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I'm currently working on a web application I didn't build. My current mission is to make it cross browser compatible. It has certain requests written in ActiveX. My question is, is there a plug in, or short cut (per se) to make this application work in all modern browsers.

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Why do you need ActiveX? Maybe you can do whatever you are doing without ActiveX.. – ThiefMaster Apr 11 '12 at 18:30

FireBreath is a C++ wrapper which gives you the possiblity to create a wrapper over an ActiveX, so they can be supported in other browsers.


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No, there isn't. It isn't really a feasible project anyway since ActiveX involves binary code that depends on Windows APIs. It would be difficult to get it to work on non-Windows platforms (WINE is far from perfect) and require architecture emulation to get it to work on non-x86 compatible platforms.

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It is not possible. ActiveX is a MSIE-only technique. You can safely assume that it will never be supported in any other browsers.

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