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For my project, I get a plain text file (report.txt) from another program. It is all formatted in plain text. If you open it in Notepad, it looks nice (as much as a plain text file can). When I open the file in Word and show the paragraphs, I see the ... for spaces and the backwards P for pararaph.

I need to convert this file to PDF and add some other PDF pages to make one final PDF. All this happens in Python.

I am having trouble converting the report.txt to pdf. I have ReportLab, and am able to read the file and make a few changes (like change the text to Courier), but the spacing gets lost. When the file gets read, it appears to strip any extra spaces.

Questions: a) is there an easier way to convert the report.txt to pdf? b) If not, is there a way to keep my spaces when I read the file? c) Or is there a parameter I'm missing from my paragraph style that will keep the original look?

Here's my code:

# ------------------------------------
# Styles
# ------------------------------------

styleSheet = getSampleStyleSheet()
mystyle = ParagraphStyle(name='normal',fontName='Courier',

model_report = 'report.txt'

# Create document for writing to pdf  
doc = SimpleDocTemplate(str(pdfPath),  \
                        rightMargin=40, leftMargin=40, \
                        topMargin=40, bottomMargin=25, \
doc.pagesize = portrait(A4)

# Container for 'Flowable' objects
elements = []    

# Open the model report
infile   = file(model_report).read()
report_paragraphs = infile.split("\n")

for para in report_paragraphs:  
    para1 = '<font face="Courier" >%s</font>' % para 
    elements.append(Paragraph(para1, style=mystyle))
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ReportLab is the usual recommendation-- as you can see from the "Related" questions on the right side of this page.

Have you tried creating text with just StyleSheet['Normal']? I.e., if you get proper-looking output with the following, the problem is somehow with your style.

Paragraph(para1, style=StyleSheet['Normal'])
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Normal doesn't work, hence why I was trying to create my own. –  user1327390 Apr 16 '12 at 17:29
Since Normal should work, I'd suggest you figure out why it doesn't. Copy-paste an example from the documentation, and if it still doesn't work, there's something wrong with your installation of ReportLab. Then add report.txt to the mix and if that breaks it, check your file encoding-- might you have UTF16 instead of ascii? Good luck. –  alexis Apr 17 '12 at 15:45

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