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I have been given some instructions to percent encode a URL twice. I know how to percent encode a URL once but how do you do it twice?

Surly when it is encoded once, it will be the same when encoded again.

Have I missed something?

Instructions or algorithm would be great!

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It won't be the same since you encode the % used for encoding.

$url = ''
echo $url;
echo urlencode($url);
echo urlencode(urlencode($url));

will give:
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To doubly encode the Url in php do:

$encodedUrl = urlencode(urlencode($url));

Definitely not the same output when encoded twice. The first adds percent encodings and the second will actually encode those percent signs... For example:

urlencode('guts & glory'); // "guts+%26+glory"
urlencode(urlencode('guts & glory')); // "guts%2B%2526%2Bglory"
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