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Please check the code below:

   echo "the sum of the number is"."<sub>($d+1)</sub>";

Its giving as output:

the sum of the number is <sub>(2+1)</sub>

Ideally I need the output to be "the sum of the number is <sub>3</sub>". It works fine when we don't use the HTML tags <sub>...

How can I fix this?

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try writing it as

<?php $d=2; echo "the sum of the number is"."<sub>".($d+1)."</sub>"; ?>

the quotes give it a string representation and thus not allowing you to perform addition.

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+1 for an adequate answer! – GingerHead Apr 27 '12 at 14:26

Move the expression outside the quotes:

   $d = 2;
   echo "the sum of the number is <sub>" . ($d+1) . "</sub>";
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