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I can't find the link anywhere, and I searched all over Hacker News (where I recall seeing the project), with no luck.

Instead of having to download the images from The Noun Project and such, you just included a css file and specified the name of the noun as a class under the tag, or something. Is this out there?!

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i've had a good look as well and it doesn't seem that you can with this one. Have you seen Chris Coyier's article on flat icons? css-tricks.com/flat-icons-icon-fonts –  hcharge Apr 12 '12 at 14:24

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You might be thinking of the Font Awesome, the pictographic font with 150 icons, that can be used with twitter bootstrap.

With Fort Awesome, you link to FontAwesome in a CSS tag. Then you add the class of the icon you want to an HTML element.

In my jsFiddle example, I have a camera and play circle beside some text.


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Maybe you mean: http://nounpack.com ? They have a sprite with many icons taken from the noun project and then you can include them as icons with css.

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Agree with @Nick Silva that Font Awesome is undoubtedly the best place to start for effortless 'noun project-esque' css.

That said, to answer your question, to use Noun Project icons directly you would need to wrap your own. The best way to do this (IMHO) is to use Font Custom

Font Custom is a command line tool used to generate custom icon webfonts (CSS) from SVGs (Noun Project icons)

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