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i have this example in jsfiddle of a accordion only made with css3, no js.


<div class="ac-container">
        <input id="ac-1" name="accordion-1" type="radio" checked />
        <label for="ac-1">About us</label>
        <article class="ac-small">
            <p id="test_small">test</p> <-- this tag will come from php
        <input id="ac-2" name="accordion-1" type="radio" />
        <label for="ac-2">How we work</label>
        <article class="ac-medium">
            <p id="test_medium">test</p>


.ac-container input:checked ~ article.ac-small{
    height: 140px;
.ac-container input:checked ~ article.ac-medium{
    height: 180px;
.ac-container input:checked ~ article.ac-large{
   /* height: 240px;*/

the issue i have is that the height is already set, and i add the content with php and i'm not sure how much content will be so i need to have a dynamic height.

the php will be loading the p tag so i can find the height like this:

var v = $("#test_small").height();

// add the height to the .ac-small
$('.ac-container input:checked article.ac-small').css("height", v+'px');

the problem i have is that that the css wont apply to the selector, i believe the selector $('.ac-container input:checked article.ac-small') is wrong or something.

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$('.ac-container input:checked').parent('div').children('article.ac-small').css("height", v+'px');
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You could have written it with one selector. –  gdoron Apr 11 '12 at 20:30
this seems to work –  Patrioticcow Apr 11 '12 at 20:32
I saw the post made by jeff b. I do like the single selector approach. I thought I would give another method. –  Kenny Thompson Apr 11 '12 at 20:41
just need to add on click event for the input #ac-1 and so on –  Patrioticcow Apr 11 '12 at 20:41

Your selector is wrong. Allow me to explain to you what that selector fetches:

$('.ac-container input:checked article.ac-small')

It will select the <article> elements with class ac-small that exist inside of checked input that exist inside an element ac-container element.

Well you can't have element inside of an input...

In the css you wrote the selector right:

.ac-container input:checked ~ article.ac-small{
    height: 140px;
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You have to change the id to a class

var v = $(".ac-small").height();

If you want to get the sibling of your input you have to do it:
Get the checked input inside the container, when found get it article sibling and then set the css.

$('.ac-container').find('input:checked').siblings('article').css("height", v+'px');
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You want to use the next sibling selector. ~ selects the next sibling that matches that selector, as opposed to the child with that selector:

$('.ac-container input:checked ~ article.ac-small')

You could also write this as:


Or more accurately (for next sibling):

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You do this

var v = $("#ac-small").height();

But you don't have any element with an id of "ac-small".

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my bad, was #test_small –  Patrioticcow Apr 11 '12 at 20:36

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