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Unsubscribe anonymous method in C# How do I Unregister 'anonymous' event handler

Ok, lets say I have the following code:

    private void AttachEvent(AwesomeObject someObject)
        int id = GetCurrentIdValue();
        someUnknownClass.SomeEvent += () => someObject.CreateAwesomeness(id);

(essentially, I'm just trying to illustrate the need to use a local variable in an event handler as suggested in this thread). From a memory management standpoint, I can't just detach from someUnknownClass.SomeEvent because I don't have a handle on the handler. Further, let's assume someUnknownClass is a third party type, so I can't add any code within that class to detach the event internally as suggested.

My question is, how do I avoid a memory leaks while still being able to use anonymous methods as event handlers?

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Specifically with lambdas, answer here: stackoverflow.com/a/1362244/1583 –  Oded Apr 11 '12 at 20:28

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It's not possible, not in the way you use them. What you can do is assign that method to a variable and after use that variable to +- from event. But in this way you will loose "natural" feeling that closures usually give you .

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