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My goal is to transfer entries from one ldap server to another - preserving the original base dn so that we do not have to modify the base dn reference on our mac os mail clients (we have hundreds). Now granted, I realize we could go into each computer and change the dn, but we want to avoid this.

source: the LDAP that has the dn I want to preserve

target: the Active Directory LDAP I want to add the entry to

I can't seem to add entries above the base dn of target LDAP:

dn: dc=odmaster,dc=mhc,dc=org
dc: odmaster
objectclass: domain

The target LDAP currently has several entries below the dc=odmaster,dc=mhc,dc=org dn.

When I try imporing the following .ldif file via phpldapadmin I get the following error: Could not add the object to the LDAP server server is unwilling to perform. It doesn't work on the terminal via the ldapadd command either.

dn: ou=users,dc=mhc,dc=org
description: Users
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou: users

But it is successful when I add the entry below the base dn like this:

dn: ou=users,dc=odmaster,dc=mhc,dc=org
description: Users
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou: users

Any idea why I cannot add entries at the dc=mhc,dc=org dn on the target LDAP?

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One possible answer is that the server database naming context is set to dc=odmaster,dc=mhc,dc=org. If this is the case, LDAP clients may not add entries above dc=odmaster. Check for this configuration by:

  • consulting with the LDAP administrators
  • consulting the root DSE programmatically

Another possibility is a access control that prevents clients from accessing, adding, or modifying entries.

See Also

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Thank you for the suggestion and the link. I ran the ldapsearch and the namingContexts returned as dc=odmaster,dc=mhc,dc=org. Can I modify the root DSE by editing the suffix in the slapd.conf file - or is it more complicated then that? –  MaxPowers Apr 12 '12 at 20:27
this is the command I used:ldapsearch -h thehostservername -x -b '' -s base namingContexts –  MaxPowers Apr 12 '12 at 20:34
No. LDAP clients may not modify namingContexts. This is defined as part of the configuration of the server, not to mention that it is an operational attribute. –  Terry Gardner Apr 13 '12 at 9:37
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