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Here is your dumb HTML/CSS question for the day....

I have a div that contains two other divs. The container is set to display: box/-webkit-box/etc to stack the contained divs horizontally. The first contained div is some fixed content, and the second contains a bunch of other little tile divs.

Here's a sample:

Also a cheesy diagram (please note the 1000px shown is only an example -- there is no width set on any of the div containers):

Cheesy diagram

My problem is the second contained div takes the width of the parent, so it's always stretching outside the browser. I want the two divs to be contained inside the container. Everything needs to be dynamic so when the browser resizes the content adjusts correctly. I can't put a fixed size on the container or the second div.

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Do you have to use display: box? Can you go with the older float method? link – Geoff Warren Apr 11 '12 at 21:36
@GeoffWarren: Thanks! display: box isn't required. Frankly floats are bizarre/magic to me and I seldom get them to work. I played with something like that before but couldn't quite get it to happen, but your example has it working perfectly. If you post this as a question I"ll mark it as an answer. – dex3703 Apr 11 '12 at 21:48
I modified my original answer. Glad I could help. – Geoff Warren Apr 11 '12 at 21:55
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If you are not required to use display: box, try using the older float method:

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if you know the parent with in PX not in 100% .

let's say how you put in you screenshot "1000px" your css is going to work


click here

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Since you know the parent and children size its really easy.

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Thats cuz you are forcing by code the width of your div (something like .MyClass{width:1000px}).

Please take a look at this answer:

css width to fill parent

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