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I want a WinForm to register the OnLoad event with another object - something like:

 SomeObject.RegisterEvent(action => this.OnLoad += (o,e) => action(o,e));

Is this possible? I don't mind creating delegates or expressions for 'helpers' on the 'SomeObject' side to do this, but I'm trying to figure out what my method signature would even look like for the RegisterEvent(...).

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sorry, not really clear what you are trying to achieve.. what architecture are you trying to construct? – Tigran Apr 11 '12 at 20:52
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The RegisterEvent method would need to look like this:

void RegisterEvent(Action<EventHandler> addEventHandler)
    addEventHandler((sender, e) =>
        // loaded


someObject.RegisterEvent(handler => { this.OnLoad += handler; });
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to me seems a mess honestly... – Tigran Apr 11 '12 at 20:55
this should work ...I'll give it a try - obviously, I was trying to find the forest but couldn't see it for the trees... – IAbstract Apr 11 '12 at 21:19
 SomeObject.RegisterEvent(action => { this.OnLoad += (o,e) => {action(o,e);}; });
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If you really need to have something like that (always a good question, usually things like this are a tell signs of something a bit odd-ish about the design, but doesn't have to be),

I'd say you should look at The Reactive Extensions (Rx)....
They provide the ease with dealing and firing off your own 'events' more or less like properties or methods (and w/o the typical pain of delegates, add/subscribe or private limitations etc., over simplified a bit).
...and this could look like...

    // ... your lambda more or less

...and in the class there is if simplified just one Subject<MyEventData> _myEvent; and _myEvent.OnNext(data) (goes inside the method you want to rise from) + the property to expose that field (IObservable<MyEventData> MyEvent {get{return _myEvent;}}).

which is what you want really.

You can install them from NuGet and use in minutes. Though there is a learning curve for more tricky cases.

Plus you get the benefit of combining events in the future and lot more.

(not 'one of them', just a very good new piece of technology)

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