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Using ElasticSearch, I run queries across several indexes. But I want the results coming from different indexes to have different weights (~ different "boost factor" in ES parlance, I think).

The goal is to tweak the ranking of query results, on a per-index and per-query basis. I want a soft preference of results from chosen indexes, not a hard yes/no filter on indexes.


Query results, 3 hits:

1. doc A, from index Z, score 0.7
2. doc B, from index Y, score 0.6
3. doc C, from index Y, score 0.65

I want to boost all results from index Y (docs B and C) so they get a higher score. Different queries require different index weights. How do I do that in the query DSL syntax?

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Never mind, found out that ES supports that out of the box:


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