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I've built a stripped down example of what is not working on IE : http://so.demuyt.net/case1/

( IE8. jQuery 1.7.1 )

Clicking one date in IE does nothing, clicking a second date will put a 'green pill' next to the first and second selected date. Doing this in Chrome will put 1 pill with the first click and 1 pill with the second click.

I add a 'pill' like this:

$("#canvas").append('<span class="label label-success Workcounter ' + date + ' ' + calendarName + '">1</span>');

I position the 'pill' like this:

$(".Workcounter." + date + '.' + calendarName).position( { of : $(".Work-date-highlight."+calendarName+"."+date) , at : "left top" , offset : "3 3" } );

There are no errors in js console, what I have noticed is that in debug mode, I will see the pill added in Chrome, whereas I wont see it added in IE (even when I click the second date).

Any help or pointers would be very appreciated to make IE behave like Chrome & FireFox.

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I just tested in IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10 and it appears to work in each. I clicked a date, and the green pill was added to the top-left of each. –  Sampson Apr 11 '12 at 21:21
@JonathanSampson no way.. So the first date you clicked ( just one ) immediately showed a pill without having to click a second date ? –  tomdemuyt Apr 11 '12 at 21:34
@JonathanSampson okay, so I checked IE7: works. IE8 only works with 'Compatibility View' for me, was that turned on for you ? –  tomdemuyt Apr 11 '12 at 21:40
I'm curious, if you position the element yourself with top and left instead of position, does it make a difference? –  James Montagne Apr 16 '12 at 14:17
It looks like the _updateDatepicker hackery is only firing once in IE8. So, pills.length stays at '0'. Every other browser fires it twice and updates the pills value. –  Alex Morales Apr 16 '12 at 16:30

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The line you use to position the element seems to be causing the problem for me, try replacing:

$(".Workcounter." + date + '.' + calendarName).position( { of : $(".Work-date-highlight."+calendarName+"."+date) , at : "left top" , offset : "3 3" } );


var datePos = $(".Work-date-highlight."+calendarName+"."+date).position();

$(".Workcounter." + date + '.' + calendarName).css({
    left: datePos.left - 3,
    top: datePos.top - 3,
    position: 'absolute'
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In the actual site, I did have to replace .position() with .offset() because the calendar was in a parent div that was not placed at (0,0). Thanks! –  tomdemuyt Apr 18 '12 at 19:56

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