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I am using boost::xpressive to parse through my text file. I want to see if only when the line begins with a '#' (one of more times).

I am using the following code

std::string str1 = "## this could be my line";
sregex rex1 = sregex::compile("^#+");
smatch result1;
    std::cout << result1[0] << '\n';
std::cout << "match not found!\n";

But I am always getting "match not found!", even when the lines begin with #. Can anyone help me here?

Incidently, can anyone also help me in writing the rex1 statement using the boost::xpressive 'bos'?

Thanks! Ayesha

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Use regex_search instead of regex_match.

And here is the static xpressive syntax for rex1:

bos >> +as_xpr('#');
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Wow! Thanks a lot!, it worked !! Can you explain why regex_match won't match? I thought '##' should match '^#+'. –  Ayesha Kalra Apr 11 '12 at 21:26
@Ayesha : "##" would indeed match "^#+", but "## this could be my line" (as in your question's code) would not. Quoting the docs, "For regex_match() to succeed, the whole string must match the regex, from beginning to end." So your regex would have to be "^#+.*" in order for regex_match to work with your question's input. Hint: read the docs. ;-] –  ildjarn Apr 11 '12 at 21:30
Got it!! Thanks a lot. Got to re-read the docs more carefully! –  Ayesha Kalra Apr 11 '12 at 21:35

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