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May be missing something simple, but how can I specify a conditional in Handlebars based on an operation on the object?

Looking to do something like

{{#hasDiscount this}}
    <td>{{formatPrice this.Discount}}</td>

With the helper along the lines of

Handlebars.registerHelper 'hasDiscount', (cart) ->
  :runBlock: if cart.Discount > 0

Not sure how to tell it to run the block.

Thanks for any input.

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After playing with it found an even simpler way.

{{#if hasDiscount}}
    <td>{{formatPrice this.Discount}}</td>

Because the cart was already the object in the template I could just set the helper like this

Handlebars.registerHelper 'hasDiscount', ->
  true if @Discount > 0
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This is simple, and elegant. –  Quickredfox Sep 12 '12 at 18:55

The helper gets passed a block as the last argument. The block will be a function that you can run to get at the block's content, you can also block.inverse() to get at the {{else}} branch:

Handlebars.registerHelper 'hasDiscount', (cart, block) ->
  if cart.Discount > 0

The documentation doesn't really spell this out so you have to make some guesses and try a few things based on the examples.

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