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Looking for any advice I can get.

I have 16 virtual CPUs all writing to a single remote MongoDB server. The machine that's being written to is a 64-bit machine with 32GB RAM, running Windows Server 2008 R2. After a certain amount of time, all the CPUs stop cold (no gradual performance reduction), and any attempt to get a Remote Desktop Connection hangs.

I'm writing from Python via pymongo, and the insert statement is "[collection].insert([document], safe=True)"

I decided to more actively monitor my server as the distributed write job progressed, remoting in from time to time and checking the Task Manager. What I see is a steady memory creep, from 0.0GB all the way up to 29.9GB, in a fairly linear fashion. My leading theory is therefore that my writes are filling up the memory and eventually overwhelming the machine.

Am I missing something really basic? I'm new to MongoDB, but I remember that when writing to a MySQL database, inserts are typically followed by commits, where it's the commit statement that actually makes sure the record is written. Here I'm not doing any commits...?



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Try it with journaling turned off and see if the problem remains.

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