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issue is with the ShowPath(); method as it keeps overloading this code is supposed to collect the shortest route then highlight it once it has found both start and end tile it calculates the shortest route to the beggining

using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace PathfindingClass
    public class pathFinding
            public  bool startFound = false;
    public TileClass.Tile[,] grid = new TileClass.Tile[AStarPath.gridWidth,AStarPath.gridHeight];
    public Vector2 startTile;
    public Vector2 endTile;
    public Vector2 currentTile;

    // create a list that stores the checked tiles
    List<Vector2> openList = new List<Vector2>();
    List<Vector2> closedList = new List<Vector2>();

    public pathFinding (TileClass.Tile[,] grid)
        this.grid = grid;


    public void SearchPath(Vector2 startTile, Vector2 endTile){
        this.startTile = startTile;
        this.endTile = endTile;

        #region Path Validation
        bool canSearch = true;

        if(grid[(int)startTile.x,(int)startTile.y].walkable ==false){
        canSearch = false;
            Console.WriteLine("the start square is not walkable");
        if(grid[(int)endTile.x,(int)endTile.y].walkable ==false){
        canSearch = false;
            Console.WriteLine("the end square is not walkable");


            //add the starting tile to the open list
            currentTile = new Vector2(-1,-1);

            //while the open list is not empty
            while(openList.Count > 0){
                currentTile = getTyleWithLowestTotal(openList);

                //if the current tile is the end tile stop searching
                if((int)currentTile.x == (int)endTile.x && (int)currentTile.y == (int)endTile.y  ){
                //  if((int)currentTile.x == (int)endTile.x){

                    //get all the adjacent tiles
                    List<Vector2> adjacentTiles = getAdjacentTiles(currentTile);

                    foreach(Vector2 adjacentTile in adjacentTiles){
                    // the adjacent tile is not aloude within eith of the open or closed lists
                                // move it to the open list

                                TileClass.Tile tile = grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y];

                                tile.cost = grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].cost+1;

                                //calculate the manhattan distance
                                tile.horistic = ManhattanDistance(adjacentTile);

                                //calculate the total cost
                                tile.total = tile.cost + tile.horistic;

                                tile.color = new Vector4(0,0,1,1);
        grid[(int)startTile.x,(int)startTile.y].color = Color.yellow;
        grid[(int)endTile.x,(int)endTile.y].color = Color.yellow;

        //Show the shortestPath


    public void ShowPath(){
        Vector2 currentTile = endTile;
        List<Vector2> PathTiles = new List<Vector2>();

        List<Vector2> adjacentTiles = getAdjacentTiles(currentTile);

            //check to  see what the used current tile is
            foreach(Vector2 adjacentTile in adjacentTiles){
                if(openList.Contains(adjacentTile) || closedList.Contains(adjacentTile)){

                    grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].color = Color.yellow;

                    if(adjacentTile.x == startTile.x){
                        startFound = true;

    //calculate the manhattan distance
    public int ManhattanDistance(Vector2 adjacentTile){
    int manhattan = Math.Abs((int)( endTile.x - adjacentTile.x)) + Math.Abs((int)(endTile.y - adjacentTile.y)); 
        return manhattan;

                    //check the adjacent tiles to the current tile
    public List<Vector2> getAdjacentTiles(Vector2 currentTile){
        List<Vector2> adjacentTiles = new List<Vector2>();
        Vector2 adjacentTile;

        adjacentTile = new Vector2(currentTile.x,currentTile.y+1);
        if(adjacentTile.y < AStarPath.gridHeight && grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].walkable){
        adjacentTile = new Vector2(currentTile.x,currentTile.y-1);
        if(adjacentTile.y >= 0 && grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].walkable){
        adjacentTile = new Vector2(currentTile.x +1,currentTile.y);
        if(adjacentTile.x < AStarPath.gridWidth && grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].walkable){
        adjacentTile = new Vector2(currentTile.x -1,currentTile.y);
        if(adjacentTile.x >= 0 && grid[(int)adjacentTile.x,(int)adjacentTile.y].walkable){

        //optional to add diagonal checking
        return adjacentTiles;

    // get the tiles with the lowest total value
    public Vector2 getTyleWithLowestTotal(List<Vector2> openList){
        //temp vars
        Vector2 tileWithLowestTotal = new Vector2(-1,-1);
        int lowestTotal = int.MaxValue;

        // search all the open tiles and get the tile with the lowest total cost
        foreach(Vector2 openTile in openList){
            if(grid[(int)openTile.x,(int)openTile.y].total <= lowestTotal){
            lowestTotal = grid[(int)openTile.x,(int)openTile.y].total;
                tileWithLowestTotal = grid[(int)openTile.x,(int)openTile.y].ID;
    return tileWithLowestTotal;



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is startFound ever set to true? –  deltree Apr 11 '12 at 22:07

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Do you have Unity Pro? If so, you can use the profiler to find where it is spending more time. If not, you can run the Debugger in MonoDevelop: put some breakpoints in the code and press the Debug button; it will open another instance of Unity. Then you play the project and it will stop in your breakpoint. From that point, you can run step by step and see where it's locked. More information here.

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yea sorry will have to put the latest code in unfortunatley i removed a heap as it was more then a few lines of code and was in a rush this morning cheers –  Matthew kingston Apr 11 '12 at 23:50
ok thanks guys after a lot of digging and debugging the script was faltering at the while loop because the bool would never switch bit of a novice mistake but working well now the path finder script will be in the asset store for free soon =) –  Matthew kingston Apr 12 '12 at 13:09
@Matthewkingston oh, i just edited my answer.. :( –  Roberto Apr 12 '12 at 13:17
thank you for the edit it was the correct answer i used error debugging and the profiler to manage where the script was terminating eded up that my loop was lockedd because my horistic value was not calculating well rather was not being used so the script would never find the beggining block thanks your comments really helped –  Matthew kingston Apr 13 '12 at 2:42

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