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I'm looking to create an instance of an enumerated type using the node-java plugin for node.js.

I took a look through their examples but, I didn't see any examples with enumerated types. I have a constructor that has an input that is an enumerated type. I'm looking for something like:

var java = require("./node-java/index.js");

var DBType = java.newInstanceSync("database.ConnectionDB$SupportedDBTypes", "SQLServer");       
var conn = java.newInstanceSync("database.ConnectionDB", "", 1360, "SQLEXPRESS", "LogDB_Admin", "sa", "pw", DBType ); 

Where the DatabaseConnection.jar has a class called ConnectionDB that contains an enumerated type called SupportedDBTypes and one of the types is SQLSERVER.

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Did you ever have any success with this? –  Matt Way Apr 4 at 1:24

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