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i have a little problem

I am programming Petri Net simulator...

I have two different classes

    class PNItem : public QObject, public QGraphicsItem


    class PNEdge : public QGraphicsLineItem

when i call...

    QGraphicsItem *QGraphicsScene::ItemAt(//cursor position)

, is it possible somehow to get to know, what item i have clicked on? resp. what item is given item by ItemAt?

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GraphicsItem::type() is intended to be used to solve this problem.

So you would do something like this for example:

enum ItemType { TypePNItem = QGraphicsItem::UserType + 1,
                TypePNEdge = QGraphicsItem::UserType + 2 }

class PNItem : public QObject, public QGraphicsItem {

        int type() { return TypePNItem; }


Which would then allow you to do this:

QGraphicsItem *item = scene->itemAt( x, y );
switch( item->type() )
    case PNItem:

doing this also enables the usage of qgraphicsitem_cast

See also: QGraphicsItem::UserType

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Since you've only got two types, you could just use dynamic_casting, and check to see if the cast was successful:

QGraphicsItem *item = scene->ItemAt(pos);
PNEdge *as_pnedge;
PNItem *as_pnitem;
if((as_pnedge = dynamic_cast<PNEdge*>(item))){
    // do stuff with as_pnedge
}else if((as_pnitem = dynamic_cast<PNItem*>(item))){
    // do stuff with as_pnitem
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