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I'm trying to read data from a service (returns JSON object) and create an editable form in a dynamic JQuery UI dialog so the end user can use it to make changes and submit. The trouble is, when I get data from the server, I can't seem to set the data in the form. If I don't use a dialog, then everything works.

I created an associated JSFiddle in case it helps.

var dialog_box = $('<div></div>');
var animal = { kind : "Cat", has_whiskers : true };
var s = $('<select />', {
    $('<option />', 
    $('<option />', 
    $('<option />', 

// doesn't work
$('#s1 option:[value="'+ animal.kind +'"]').prop('selected', true);

var new_div = $('<div/>').html('<input type="checkbox" id="has_whiskers_checkbox" />');


(animal.has_whiskers) ? $("#has_whiskers_checkbox").prop("checked", true) : $("#has_whiskers_checkbox").prop("checked", false);

     autoOpen: false,
     modal: true,
     buttons: {
         "OK": function() {
              console.log("OK Pressed");
              $( this ).dialog( "close" );
              $( this ).remove();
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$('#s1 option:[value="'+ animal.kind +'"]', dialog_box).prop('selected', true);


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Thanks, just what I needed. Do you have supporting documentation from JQuery's website? – arcdegree Apr 11 '12 at 23:34
Welcome,and no but I've jQuery Novice to Ninja book and it helped me a lot. – The Alpha Apr 11 '12 at 23:40

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