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I have a table like this in SQL Server:

varID(PK)    dataID(PK)  is_used
A            1           0
B            1           0

Then I'm loading data to update is_used to 1 if the varID/dataID combo exists and add it in otherwise.

So I have to insert/update these varID/dataID combos.

varID(PK)    dataID(PK)  
B            1           
C            1

So the updated table would look like this:

varID(PK)    dataID(PK)  is_used
A            1           0
B            1           1
C            1           1

What's the easiest way to do this? I will do it in a stored procedure.

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Procedure tries to update is_used given a key. If unsuccessful, inserts new row. Note I put 0 as default value for is_used - I think is_used = 1 for (C, 1) is an inadvertence.

create proc AddVarDataCombo (@varID varchar(100), @dataID int)
   set nocount on

   update ATable
      set is_used = 1
    where varID = @varID
      and dataID = @dataID

   if @@rowcount = 0
      insert into ATable 
           values (@varID, @dataID, 0)
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