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I've made custom controls for my HTML5 video but I don't know how to have that CSS still apply when I go fullscreen.

Here's the [website] I've based my controls on.

On this site, you'll notice that when you click the fullscreen button the custom controls get lost and the video reverts to the default <video> controls.

Does anyone know how to have these custom controls styling/CSS still apply when you go fullscreen?

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i answered my own question, the key is that the custom controls are inside the <div> that includes the video that you want to take full screen. In my code below, this <div> is called "videoContainer".

Here's the link I used to figure this out.

here's the JS code for both entering and exiting fullscreen mode in webkit and mozilla browsers:

var $video=$('video');
//fullscreen button clicked
$('#fullscreenBtn').on('click', function() {
    if($.isFunction($video.get(0).webkitEnterFullscreen)) {
    else if ($.isFunction($video.get(0).mozRequestFullScreen)) {
    else { 
           alert('Your browsers doesn\'t support fullscreen');

and here's the HTML:

<div id="videoContainer">
      <div> custom controls 
            <button id="fullscreenBtn" class="enterFullscreenBtn">fullscreen</button>
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but still your custom controls went off on fullscreen mode.. – Sarath May 16 '13 at 3:56

Show custom controller

  z-index: 2147483647;

Hide native controller

video::-webkit-media-controls {
  display:none !important;
video::-webkit-media-controls-enclosure {
  display:none !important;
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