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I have some XML that I am parsing in python via lxml.

I am encountering situations where some elements have attributes and some don't.

I need to extract them if they exist, but skip them if they don't - I'm currently landing with errors (as my approach is wrong...)

I have deployed a testfornull, but that doesn't work in all cases:


if root[0][a][b].attrib == '<>': 
 ByteSeqReference = "NULL"
 ByteSeqReference = (attributes["Reference"])


<ByteSequence Reference="BOFoffset">


<ByteSequence Endianness = "little-endian" Reference="BOFoffset">


<ByteSequence Endianness = "little-endian">



My current method can only deal with A, B or D. It can not cope with C.

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I'm surprised that a test for null values on an attribute which often won't exist works ever -- what you should be doing is checking whether it exists, not whether it's empty:

if 'Reference' in current_element.attrib:
  ...do something with it...
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Ahhh. thats how it works. (I was surprised too.... ). Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. That completely fixes it. –  Jay Apr 11 '12 at 23:32

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