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I am trying to embed my Unity game into Fancybox using an iframe. It runs fine when I open it in a separate webpage, but when embedded it does not load. This is the code I have at the top of the page:


And this is the code I'm using to try and bring up the game in fancybox:


I would really appreciate any help, what am I doing wrong?

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You are binding this class to fancybox: fancybox_swf, but your anchor has this other class: fancybox_unity. Additionally, you don't have any data- attribute to pass the dimensions to fancybox.

I guess your anchor should look like

<a class="fancybox_swf fancybox.iframe" title="Shoot The Hoop" href="unity/WebPlayer.html" data-width="600" data-height="320">
 <img src="images/shootthehoop.png" alt="Shoot The Hoop" />

Set data-width and data-height values as your convenience, then you can use your fancybox script.

Notice that you have to set a HTML5 DOCTYPE.

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Oh oops, I accidentally cut out the wrong part of the code I pasted! I meant to edit out fancybox_swf but I cut out fancybox_unity. Anyway, turns out my host doesn't support unity3d files which is why it wasn't working, I hosted it somewhere else in the end but your code worked perfectly to link to the fancybox so thanks!

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