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What AMI images do you use when deploying or testing .NET applications at Amazon EC2?

  • Is this image based on Windows or Linux?
  • Is it an image from AMI repository or something that you've built (if so, then is it public)?
  • What version of .NET does it support (applies for Linux)?
  • What other important features does it include?

So far I've been using Mono 2.2. on Fedora 8. It does the job, but I would love to see the options more suited for somebody coming from the MS Stack.

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Mono 2.2 on Fedora 8

AMI ID: ami-dc8760b5
OS: Fedora 8
.NET: Mono 2.2, supports ASP.NET

Details: Once you start this instance, you can browse to its public DNS name to see the XSP test sites.

This instance is intended to serve web applications or run console based applications or services; it does not have any kind of graphical interface.

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