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I'd like to test out some features that IPP should have (namely, monitoring the number of impressions made; see this question) but I haven't got the hardware yet. How can I simulate such a printer? Is there code for a dummy IPP printer?

I'll be working in either Linux or Windows.

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A very good IPP simulator is Apple's Printer Simulator. Look for Hardware IO Tools at (see this question)

Even though it's only available for OS X you can still test from Linux or Windows against this network service. Printed pages can pop up in Preview for review. The simulator also supports the required IPP attribute job-impressions-completed. The tool saves a lot of paper.

CUPS is not a good simulator. In order to work properly it needs a real printer it can print to. You might pause a queue and test printing to it. You won't get any impressions-completed > 0 unless you release the queue. This will result in real -not simulated- printing.

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CUPS provides an IPP interface for printers. Using Java and jspi (as mentioned in this question; it's a bit outdated and needs some fixing, e.g. to accommodate resolution syntax for attributes) you may have the following code to access a local printer as an IPP printer:

IppPrintService service = new IppPrintService(URI.create("ipp://localhost:631/printers/HL2240D-local"));

Also available is CUPS4J which I think does the same thing, but through its own interfaces and not through javax.print.

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