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My app calculates the Image of the StyledStringElement and this process takes a good amount of time. It's all done locally.

How can I do something like this pseudo code:

myElement.Image = PlaceHolderImage; 
myElement.GoGetTheImageFromSomeLongRunningTask = GetImageFromSomeFuntionThatWillTakeTime();
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You can use something like this (not tested):

myElement.Image = PlaceHolderImage;
ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem ((v) =>
    var image = GetImageFromSomeFunctionThatWillTakeTime ();
    BeginInvokeOnMainThread (() =>
        myElement.Image = image;
        myRoot.ReloadData ();

Note that this assumes that GetImageFromSomeFunctionThatWillTakeTime can actually be executed on a secondary thread. You can easily test this by using the current MonoTouch beta (5.3.2), since you'll get an exception if you do something that's not allowed on a secondary thread.

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