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I am successfully adding links to a UILabel via OHAttributeLabel and -(void)addCustomLink:(NSURL*)linkUrl inRange:(NSRange)range; In other words, the correct range is underlined and looks like a link.

However, I cannot click/touch on the link. Is there anything else that must be done that the addCustomLink method on the range of text? FWIW, I am not using Interface Builder even though much of the OHAttributedLabel code makes references to IBOutlet.

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The required code in this case was simply:

[myLabel setDelegate:self];

And in context for those interested is:

descriptionLabel.attributedText = [NSMutableAttributedString attributedStringWithString:@"foo"];
[myLabel addCustomLink:[NSURL URLWithString:urlString] inRange:NSMakeRange(myLocation, myLength)];
[myLabel setDelegate:self];

Many thanks!

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