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I have a question about mirroring and cross-db views. We have a view in database X which references database Y on the same server S1. The databases X & Y are both mirrored onto another server S2. The problem is: if db X fails over to S2, the view which references db Y is now looking on S2, but db Y may not have failed over. What is the best way around this? Can you create a mirrored couple, so that if 1 on the dbs in the couple fails over, the other one does too?


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We detect that the database has failed and manually failover the second database. This article will likely help; basically it is a hack on the failover of the first database in the witness that lets you trigger a failover of the second database.

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Thanks - should be just what I need – Chris Jun 19 '09 at 9:11

If you upgrade to SQL 2012 you can use the Always on Availability Groups function to group databases for this very purpose.

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