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stated array getting set of combinations....please help me and let me know how to save list of record into mysql database.....database contains three fields (set1 set2 set3)...


$array1 = array('rough', 'smooth', 'coarse'); 
$array2 = array('shiny', 'matte', 'rough'); 
$array3 = array('very large', 'large', 'medium', 'small'); 


for($x=0;$x<(count($array)-2);$x++) { 
for ($y=$x+1;$y<count($array);$y++) { 
    for ($z=$y+1;$z<count($array);$z++) { 
        $combinations[]="$a, $b, $c"; 
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Consider more normalization. If the data is ever queried or is part of business rules it is usually the appropriate route. Otherwise, the keyword is "serialize". –  user166390 Apr 12 '12 at 3:51
if you guys help me with the code i will appreciate...xx –  Hannah Pink Apr 12 '12 at 3:52

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The easiest way is to just use json_encode() to turn the array into JSON before storing. This way the data can be available to other processes and languages with minimal hassle.

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You can use the serialize function to turn the array into a string.

Once retrieved, you can then use the unserialize function to turn it back into an array.

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