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This problem started with me needing to add a module to my frontpage so only guests will see it, after they login the module disappears. So I read this tutorial :

Basically says to do this..

Create a Guest Group in the User Manager Add a new Guest Viewing Access Level Change the default guest group in the User Manager options

And it works! But the problem now is when I login with my administrator account on admin panel, i get only 3 icons from Zoo component, no admin bar menu, nothing! And if try to login to the admin panel with a default user account I get the same thing! I´m now in the joomla database to try and see if I can delete the user group I created before and maybe it works?

I cannot lose the content of the website, it´s important! Please help. I´m the latest version of joomla.

Thanks very much

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Backup your files and database and set your website in offline mode: edit your configuration.php file and set:

public $offline = '1';

After that, you can try your solution.

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