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I don't know what is proper etiquette -- if I should split this into two questions (one about Linear Algebra, one about Convex Optimization), please let me know.

I'm interested in: (1) what library should I use for Linear Algebra in Java? (2) what library should I use for convex optimization in Java? (3) what benchmarks do we have for java libraries vs C libraries

Please note, although Java specifies platform independent floating point representation (which I believe makes things much slower) -- I'm willing to sacrifice that. It's okay for me if, on different platforms, my Java floating point ends up getting different values.


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For convex Optimization , there is already one link here:

mathematical optimization library for Java --- free or open source recommendations?

For Liner ALgebra, you can use Colt


Hope this will help you

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You can take a look at JOptimizer , open source java convex optimization project

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