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Possible Duplicate:
how to extract all images from a .ppt file using Android with help of Apache poi?

I am working on ppt viewer for Android . I have extracted all the text from a ppt with the help of Apache POI API but unable to extract images in a ppt file. I would be happy to know the results.... My codes are here link

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Check the following code for reading all the images in an PPTX file :

SlideShow ppt = new SlideShow(new HSLFSlideShow("slideshow.ppt"));

  //extract all pictures contained in the presentation
  PictureData[] pdata = ppt.getPictureData();
  for (int i = 0; i < pdata.length; i++){
    PictureData pict = pdata[i];

    // picture data
    byte[] data = pict.getData();

    int type = pict.getType();
    String ext;
    switch (type){
      case Picture.JPEG: ext=".jpg"; break;
      case Picture.PNG: ext=".png"; break;
      case Picture.WMF: ext=".wmf"; break;
      case Picture.EMF: ext=".emf"; break;
      case Picture.PICT: ext=".pict"; break;
      default: continue;
    FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("pict_"+i + ext);


References :

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