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How do I create a pickleable file from a PIL Image object such that you could save those images as a single pickle file then maybe upload to another computer such as a server running PIL and unpickle it there?

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You can convert the Image object into data then you can pickle it:

image = {
    'pixels': im.tostring(),
    'size': im.size,
    'mode': im.mode,

And back to an Image:

im = Image.fromstring(image['mode'], image['size'], image['pixels'])

NOTE: As astex mentioned, if you're using Pillow (which is recommended instead of PIL), the tostring() method is deprecated for tobytes(). Likewise with fromstring() for frombytes().

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Image.tostring() is now deprecated in Pillow in favor of Image.tobytes(). For the sake of posterity, it may be better to change the above (or at least leave a note). – astex Dec 22 '13 at 6:45

Slight variation of Gerald's answer using keyword args

create pickleable object

image = {'data': im.tostring(), 'size':im.size, 'mode':im.mode}


image = dict(data=im.tostring(), size=im.size, mode=im.mode)

unpickle back to image

im = Image.fromstring(**image)
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Does this mean that I don't need to store images in my application? I can just use the string that they serialize to and just hardcode it inside the application when I want to use the image? – Ogen Nov 15 at 0:57

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