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I implement the translateAnimation to a imageview.

it Successfully animatated.

One translate is moving up and another one is moving down. i need to change image when start second translate.

My code is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><set xmlns:android=""
    android:fromXDelta="0%" android:toXDelta="0%p"
    android:fromYDelta="0%" android:toYDelta="20%"
    android:duration="2000" android:startOffset="100"/>

    android:fromXDelta="0%" android:toXDelta="0%p"
    android:fromYDelta="0%p" android:toYDelta="-20%p"
    android:duration="3000" android:startOffset="100"/></set>

I set the above animation to the imageview.

But i want to chage the image when start to load the second translate.. How to do it.

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moving up and moving down will work at a time? – Abhi Apr 12 '12 at 6:12

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You need to break it up into two animations, and register a Animation.AnimationListener to the first translate animation. On Animation.AnimationListener's onAnimationEnd(Animation animation) callback, do the image change and then start the second animation, like thus:

translate.setAnimationListener(new Animation.AnimationListener() {

public void onAnimationStart(Animation animation) {

public void onAnimationEnd(Animation animation) {

public void onAnimationRepeat(Animation animation) {
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