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For my current project i am creating a html editor.

How its needs to work

Elements Inside

  1. Text Area - To type the HTML as text
  2. Iframe - To show the typed HTML as real [rendering the string HTML to UI]
  3. Some Buttons

Working Logic

A registered user typing something inside the text area :

ex :

<div style="border:1px solid red;">This is a div</div>

after that user clicks on a button [Converting to UI],so that we need to change the iframe content to the new value [value of text area]

after converting the iframe elements html will be



<div class="mydiv" style="color:red">This is a div</div>


There is another button that which give back the iframe HTML to text area ,

All these works good [No big problems now except the firebug issue],But i need to integrate a better UI to customize the iframe content - >

ex : User clicks on a DIV on iframe ,so that time a pop up will arise to change the color and font of that div [it will be some color picker for choosing color and drop down for to choose font][i need to implement some more like this]. hope that it will not be a big pain.

So after that i need to get the modified value.

Ex: i changed the color of a div ,

so the returned value will be something like this


<div class="mydiv" style="color:gray;">Hello World !</div>


  1. Please note the style attribute [above ] ,its in inline style ,i need to convert it into the class scope if the element have a class defined so i need to add/update the css class "mydiv" with new style's .
  2. Assume that we are changing something on the body element of iframe ,body is a common element so i need to add/update the BODY scope in the css style block


    BODY{ color:gray; }

    I hope that you guys got my idea,i need to implement something like this on my current project.

Is there anything slimier this ? [so that no need to worry ,i can use that] or How can i achieve this ? especially the grouping of css class.

I hopes that i need to use some kind of regular expressions ,but i am very weak on this.

Please help me to complete.

What i tried is here :

Thank you.

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tldr –  Sinetheta Apr 12 '12 at 6:09
Why do you want to create another editor? There are plenty of it, mostly known tinyMCE ? –  YvesR Apr 12 '12 at 6:11
i know about this ,but i will use tinymic only to replace that text area –  Red Apr 12 '12 at 6:12
what i need to do is grouping the class. –  Red Apr 12 '12 at 6:13
You are still a long way from home. Definitely when you lack regex skills. I opened up your fiddle and played around with it a bit, but so many things need to be done, so many exceptions to be covered. You'll have to ask some more specific questions rather than: "please help me to complete". There are perfectly good alternatives such as and –  Gert Van de Ven Apr 12 '12 at 6:14

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Much as I think you're really reinventing the wheel here, I don't see what's keeping you from getting the contents of the textarea, and then just appending it directly to, I don't know, a container div (it doesn't even have to be an iframe, which I personally think is a bad way to go).

var $textarea = $('textarea'),
    $container = $('div#container'),
    $refresh = $('button#refresh'),  // or something

$refresh.on('click', function () {
    // or something

Do note that that's untested code.

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