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There are many approaches, one could use create a Program and just call the Unix tail command, however the problem with this is that the process must be installed on a Unix machine with tail installed.

The other option is to just read the file, line by line until there are no more lines, sleep for a period of time and then try to read the next line and repeat.

The question is what/how do I go about polling a file which is actively being written to. AFAIK there is no way in Java to get async notifications when a file has been modified as this is too low level (something that comes from the OS). I am also aware of no libs which support this.

I was thinking a better approach may be to sleep/poll on the modified date of a file..?

Any solutions?

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Cant use Java 7 :( – NightWolf Apr 12 '12 at 6:25
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If you can use Java 7 there are File Watchers and you could implement what you need.
File Notifications

For Java 6 (and previous) you would have to use Apache Commons VFS (File Monitor) lib to create your own file watcher.

If you can't go to Java 7 or use third party libs (e.g commons or jnotify) you would have to write a file watchdog your self using polling threads.

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I suspect File Notifications is only for adding and removing entries. There is an ENTRY_MODIFY but I thought it was only changes to the directory entry rather than file length. – Peter Lawrey Apr 12 '12 at 7:22

You can use java nio's WatchService to get asynchronous notifications if a file/directory has changed. This tutorial explains the way to use it.

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Java 7, cant use it in this case but good suggestion. – NightWolf Feb 27 '13 at 22:41

What you can do to simplify this is to create a Thread which poll the size of the file and only reads that much i.e. it never reaches the end as such. This data read can be written to a pipe allowing your main thread to read a continous pipe.

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I don't know answer. Just two tips
1. Maybe RandomAccessFile would help you.
2. Try find another open source program, which do this. (e.g. IntelliJ IDEA do exactly this)

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